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Shannon Amphfoil

Offshore Foil Boat

Amphfoil Offshore Foil Boats are based on a new patented marine technology for high-speed (70mph/112kph), long-range (350nm/650km) performance propelled by hybrid electric creating

breakthrough offshore vessels.

Amphfoils are groundbreaking super boats that redefine maritime travel with a unique blend of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic technologies. These patented hybrid electric boats engineered by Shannon Boat Company with over 40 years of marine expertise shatter conventional limits with high speeds and long distance range.

A First in the Global Marine Industry

The Amphfoil’s revolutionary technology combines the use of catamaran stability, surface effect lift, hydrofoil lift plus electric tilting air propellers for dual-purpose lift and propulsion to create a totally new type of efficient offshore foil boat. Amphfoil technology overcomes the massive shortfalls that have plagued conventional boats, catamarans and hydrofoils for decades. Amphfoils have unheard-of speeds and unmatched open ocean, long-range ability utilizing the latest 21st Century low emissions hybrid electric propulsion that requires 75% less energy.

In this short video, Amphfoil's naval architect and CEO Walt Schulz explains why Amphfoils are the first foil boats to use three distinct types of lift technology.

The Time for Change is Now

Global warming and climate change has contributed to public disapproval   

of the over-sized polluting engines that push boat hulls through molecularly dense water.


The necessity of safeguarding marine life is a 21st century imperative.

The common sea travel conditions causing bouncing, fatigue and motion

sickness for crew and passengers is unacceptable.

Amphfoil 28 skimming on the water

Revolutionary. Patented.

Amphfoil patents are not limited to size or specific utilization.

Amphfoil technology is internationally patented in
42 developed countries.

Shannon Boat Company:

Putting the Environment First

Shannon Boat Company located in Bristol, Rhode Island has a 40-year international reputation for building high quality offshore yachts. For the past 10 years the team at Shannon has been working on an environmental and offshore solution to replace archaic technologies in water transportation.


The $40 billion marine industry is struggling to respond to massive climate change issues. Boats are slow, uncomfortable and pump 900 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. It is incongruous that the
$44.3 billion U.S. windfarm industry is using high polluting
boats developed in the 1950s to build and maintain offshore windfarms.


The so-called high speed (25mph!) catamaran ferries are notoriously uncomfortable offshore (“vomit comet effect”) and are one of the most polluting boats on the water due their fossil fuel water-jet drive propulsion.

Amphfoil offshore foil boats change the paradigm by addressing these problems and many more.

Amphfoil is not just a vessel, it is a leap into the future of marine travel.

Transform your journey on the high seas with Amphfoil offshore foil boats, a new way to travel the oceans of the world smoother, faster, safer and more efficiently.

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