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Innovation. Engineering. Speed. Style.

We have engineered Amphfoils to be uniquely versatile in size, utilization and construction methodology. Flexible modular building creates economical tooling for many models in major markets customized to adapt to usage.

Amphfoil models range from 5m/18′ to 18m/60′

Amphfoil Commuter: Private or Commercial Transport
Amphfoil commuter is a boat ith seating for 16 and icludes a day head

The 12m/39' Amphfoil Commuter, a vessel with seating for 16 passengers and a day head, is easy to maneuver and fit into tight spaces with its folding hydrowings. It is comfortable, and has a range of 350 NM/650km at 60kts/70 mph. Amphfoil commuters can be economically shipped and delivered worldwide.  Amphfoils can provide faster, high-end low-cost commuter service along marine highways with more scheduled runs daily to remote ports. 

The Amphfoil Ferry
The Amphfoil ferry seats 24 passengers and is offered in all electric or hybrid propulsion

The Amphfoil ferry (15m/49' or 18m/59') includes a day head and seating for up to 24 passengers. Offered in either all electric or hybrid electric propulsion providing a fast, comfortable ride in all sea conditions.

The Amphfoil Explorer

High speed capability and immunity to rough seas. Embrace a new era of ocean navigation, free from fatigue and seasickess.  Amphfoil Explorers sleep 4, with a full galley and a head with shower.

profile of the Amphfoil Explorer
rear view of the Amphfoil shows a spacious cockpit and is a comfortable vessel for exploring distant places
The Amphfoil CTV 
Offshore Windfarm Crew Transfer and Support Vessels

The Amphfoil is the first windfarm CTV and work boat in history to fully utilize the molecular phenomenon of surface effect lift and tilting air propeller lift in addition to hydrofoil lift to create a new type of offshore foil boat with speeds up to 112kph/70mph+ that still provides intermediate and slow speeds, a stable stationary work platform and much more.

Amphfoil CTV pulling up to a windfarm pylon in rough seas
The Amphfoil Tender
Beaching an Amphfoil for shore excursions

The Amphfoil 28’/8.5m tender has seating for 6 passengers and a convertible roof for sunning in the cockpit and keeping passengers dry in inclement weather. But it isn’t just about fast speeds; Amphfoil’s quad hydrofoils and aerodynamic technology ensure a seamless, efficient voyage, diminishing the common sea travel nuisances of bouncing fatigue and seasickness.

Amphfoil approaches a megayacht to pick up waiting passengers.
Gold Amphfoil skims over rough seas

Government Coastal Patrol and Military

Amphfoil for military use
Amphfoil bow opens to allow military troops to debark the Amphfoil
Amphfoil patrol model for coastal patrol and drug interdiction

Besides private or public transportation, the versatile Amphfoil is ideally suited for coastal patrol and military work. It has seating for 12 with range beyond and speeds beyond any conventional vessels currently in use.

The Amphfoil 18'/5m Luxury Skimmer

The Amphfoil Skimmer is the ultimate luxury boat for those looking for real speed and excitement. Distant fun destinations can be reached quickly without discomfort to passengers in choppy sea conditions.  As with all Amphfoils, the Skimmer has retractable foils for shore anchoring or beaching for lunch or a swim.

Skimmers are offered in 2 or 4 seats configurations.

silver 18'/5m Amphfoil
5m/18' gold Amphfoil with propellers tipped up
red Amphfoil 5m/18' in profile
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